“Art Book at Paper Chase” is the West Coast showroom for the amazing book distributing and publishing company, “Art Book”. Starting out in the early nineties, Art book has become the primary distributor to distinguished museums and boutiques on both coasts. Some of it’s eye catching clients in Los Angeles include LACMA, MOCA, Book Soup, and they even supply smaller niche shops like Ooga Booga and Family Books. Nestled in an art deco building on Sunset, next door to a strip club, you would never guess that it housed an inspired collection of books in photography, fashion, fine art and books not yet released.

Tricia Gabriel and Jane Brown gave us a tour of their envy inducing work space and explained how the business works at a time when an ever increasing number of people are ordering their books online. They explained that the “Photo-Eye” websites “influence list” impacts demand as do current museum exhibits. The book that was published in conjunction with MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibit is doing exceptionally well as do most “designer books” such as those put together by “Visionaire”. Books also do well when put in context with clothing and design which is why boutiques are upcoming clients. A great example of this would be Marc Jacobs who loves publishing so much that he opened “Book Marc” his own extensively curated book shop in NYC and LA. Art books give everyone the opportunity to cultivate their interests as well as own something both tangible and inspiring.


In conjunction with the release of his new film “Beginners”, Mike Mills decided to present a series of drawings inspired by the film at Family Book Store on Fairfax. In addition, included in the show is a new series of drawings: an illustrated History of Love with such chapters as: the first butt to attract, great lovers in film, flappers, free love’s not so easy, internal vs external problems and many more.The opening of this exhibition was preempted by a small and informal signing of his new book featuring these illustrations also called “Beginners”. This was the first show to be put on in Family’s new gallery space located in the back of the namesake bookstore.


As part of MOCA’s controversial “Art in the Streets” exhibit artist Neck Face stopped by the adjoining Levi’s Film workshop to discuss his new film project with director Isaiah Seret. Those in attendance were treated to a rough trailer of the movie as well as a q&a with the artist. The film in progress is slated to be a feature-length kung fu horror movie filmed in the artists alleyway instalation in “Art in the Streets”.

See the Trailer Here: Born Under a Bad Sign